Apple Executive Retracts Support for Instagram Because of Android

Instagram is a social network that revolves around sharing photos through filters. For various months, it was only accessible on the iOS platform. Instagram became available on Android just earlier this month. Since then, a multitude of iOS Instagram users has confessed their contempt of the app no longer being an iOS exclusive. It seems that they are not alone. A Senior Apple Executive by the name of Phil Schiller claims that Instagram “jumped the shark” when it went to Android.

Has Apple’s hostility for Android caused its employees to become irrational?

Schiller closed his account with Instagram shortly after it Instagram released on Android. A reader from 9to5Mac took note of this and proceeded to inquire about Schiller’s decision via Twitter. In a tweet, Schiller responded saying:

[Instagram] jumped the shark when it went to Android

Does such a reason warrant a top level Apple Executive to jump ship on the most popular app on iOS? It can be viewed as childish. Instagram has seen an eruption of users since releasing on Android: 10 million in just 10 days. The goal of any social network is to establish relationships through various aspects with people who are similar to one-another. It is hard to see how introducing Android users into such an experience would cause an Apple Executive to abandon the social network.

It is an intriguing concept. It may be that Apple is sending a message to other app developers. A message saying “Hey, if you cheat on us with Android, you will lose our support” but is that right message that Apple needs to send?

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