iPhone 5 Specs Include Laser Keyboard and Built in Projector, Fox Reports

Usually, before a device is unveiled, rumors and concepts swarm the internet leading up to the official announcement. Any reader or journalist with some level of common sense will be able to quickly dismiss possible fake intel as well as telling the difference between fake intel and concept that have been generated by people who creative intuition. However, it seems the guys over at Fox lack this common sense.

According to Fox News, the iPhone 5 will feature a laser keyboard, a built in hologram projector as well as a paper thin profile. If this is the case, we advise everyone to throw out their current smartphones and stand in line for the iPhone 5 no matter how long you have to do so.

For those of you gullible enough to believe this, it is actually false. Fox News actually mistook the iPhone 5 for a concept video of the iPhone 5 that was created by Atama Studios in August of 2011. Be sure to watch the Fox News clip below that was broadcasted to millions of New Yorkers below.
[Update]- Fox News has issued a statment in order to clarify their previous claims stating:

One clarification: the iPhone 5 will not have features such as holographic imaging and laser keyboard as depicted in a YouTube video and reported by FOX 5 News on September 17, 2012.

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