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Samsung Sells 30 Million Galaxy S3 in 150 Days

Tristan Thomas November 5, 2012

Despite the recent launch of the iPhone 5, humiliating legal defeat by Apple that resulted in a billion dollar lost, and rumors suggesting a Q1 Samsung Galaxy S4 release, Samsung has managed to keep the ball rolling as far as their Galaxy S3 sales go. Today, Samsung has announced that their flagship device has been sold 30 million times in just 150 days.

Samsungs flagship device first hit 10 million in 50 days, 20 million in 100 days and now 30 million in 150 days. Samsung is averaging 10 million Galaxy S3 sales every 50 days. With the holiday season approaching, expect to see a higher number of Galaxy S3s being purchased.

To put these numbers in perspective, Apple sold a grand total of 52.9 million iPhones, including all iPhone models that were on sale during that time period. The Samsung Galaxy S3 single-handedly sold 30 million units in 150 days, 30 days less than the previous comparison. The Galaxy S3 accounted for a 57 percent sales comparison to the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPhone 5.

Some fun facts to note regarding the Samsung Galaxy S3 were posted by Samsung in their press release. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S3 has a selling rate of 0.45 seconds per unit, can cover the Colosseums surface 4 times, weighs as much as 100 Humpback Wales, and 29 times the size of Mt. Everest if stacked horizontally.

Check out press release here.

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