First Look at the New Myspace

If you have not noticed, the popular oldie Myspace has been pushing their revamped social network even while in beta. If you are anything like me, you must be dying to want to understand exactly what the new Myspace has to offer over Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Well, I can assure this much: what ever Myspace is doing now, they are doing it well. Here’s my initial impressions.

Starting Out with the new Myspace

If you head on over to, you will be greeted with a full screen prompt. To the right of the prompt is a photo of partial owner Justin Timberlake in a nice tuxedo. To the left of this, one will find the words “Suit and Tie” in big bold and obnoxious print. Underneath that continues with words that are put together that have something to do with singing up for Myspace and being able to hear Justin’s new single (as if that is something that we cannot do on YouTube (honestly, I was hoping for a download of the song)).
At this point, the only thing left to do is to either hit the “Join” button or the “Sign In” button. Oh but wait! For those of you who are so in love with the old Myspace (I can’t see that to be anyone other than Tom’s mom), there is still the option to use the old Myspace by clicking at the very top “Take me back to Classic Myspace” which is like clicking “Take me back to the floppy drive”. Please don’t do it.

When I first saw the log in option I thought to myself “Why would Myspace let me sign into their social network using other social networks?” Then I started to rationalize all possible thought processes that could have led to this decision. I figured that Myspace is not actually trying to compete with Facebook or Twitter. The same way Twitter and Facebook co-exist with one another is the same way Myspace wants to co-exist with the two. Approaching the competition not as actual competition would be a very smart move.
I opted in for the Facebook sign up as I do with a multitude of other services.

After putting in your details, user name and the usual, Myspace proceeds to ask if you can identify the most with any of the following (allows multiple selections):

  • Musician
  • Photographer
  • Filmmaker
  • Curator
  • Design/Creative
  • Entertainer
  • DJ/Producer
  • Brand
  • Venue
  • Writer/Journalist
  • Promoter
  • Fan
  • Comedian

Alternatively, you can skip this part.

At this point, I revisited my previous point: Myspace is not trying to directly compete with any social media networks out there. There are attempting to socialize music and music based communities. There’s no mainstream social network that does this. I’m starting to like what I see. Naturally, I identified myself as a writer and musician (I play a little self taught guitar).
The Home Screen for Profiles

After completing that, you will now be on the home page of your profile. I found it to be a little disappointing, not because it’s ugly or anything, but because it breaks free from your traditional webpage layout. Instead of having to scroll up or down, it emulates the transitions that can be readily associated with Windows 8. If this is where the Internet is heading, I’m not sure I like it. Perhaps I will get use to it. For now, Myspace is losing points for being different without functionality reasons.

On my home screen, I am presented by what I consider to be a very large ad. Although it’s the same one that Myspace was pushing on the sign up page, I desire to know what will be placed there once it is no longer pushing that. Will it be more ads? More photos of artist and their new music pushing me to the iTunes store? We’ll see in the upcoming weeks.

Pan right (equivalent to scrolling down and does not support side swipes on track keyboards) and you will be greeted with a simply breakdown of what the new Myspace really aims to do. They want users to be able to:

Discover: Find emerging Artists, new Music and top Mixes, and more
Search: Search for artists, music or just about anything else.
Connect: The more you Connect, the more you discover

To the very right of the home page is the area dedicated to status updates. As of right now, there is a 150 word limit to updates. Within the status updates, you will be able to include pictures, locations and songs. The song feature enables you to put in a song or artist and the search feature will help you select the right one. A cool feature that I am surprised that other social networks have not incorporated.
At the very bottom of the home page, which I constantly over look is a nice and neat toolbar that includes the Myspace home button, profile button, notification area, message area, discover tool, search tool as well as the music player. Hovering over the music player will bring up a slide out loaded with more options. The default option shows your current queue.

The following options include:

  • Mixes: Let’s you create your ow mixes
  • Radio: Allows users to listen to artist or genre based stations similar to Pandora
  • Messaging: Self explanatory.

Final First Thoughts

All of this is just the one section of the home page called “Stream”. There’s a few more subheadings below that, so there’s a lot of depth to what’s really going on here. Right of the bat, I can say Myspace has the right idea and is executing this. My recommendation is to swing on over and try out the service for yourself without any biases, more so if you are a music fan.

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