PlayStation 4 Hits 1 Million in Sales in just 24 Hours

On Friday, November 15th, Sony launched the PlayStation 4 in hopes that their next generation console would be able to capitalize on the PlayStation 3’s shortcomings. The PS3, which was expected to sell 6 million units within it’s first quarter, was only able to capitalize on 3.68 million in total sales for that quarter. During the PS3 Japan launch, only 81,639 were sold. Also, unlike the previous launch, Sony took it on themselves to ensure they were able to beat out Microsoft’s next gen console to the market. The PlayStation 3 was released 16 months after the Xbox 360 hit the market and launched with a cheaper price than the PlayStation 3 initially had.

On Sunday, Sony came forth to announce that the PlayStation 4 is off to a decent start. With the type of hype that was created for the PlayStation 4 before launch, a successful launch seemed imminent, and now we have the numbers to show for it. Expecting to sell 5 million units before March 2014, Sony may very well hit their own mark after being selling 20 percent of their goal in just 24 hours. While sales are expected to decline until the holiday season passes by, we expect Sony to hit their goals, but it will be a close one since it will have to compete with the Xbox One in the upcoming holiday season.

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