iPhone 6 to Feature A Bezel Free Wrap Around Screen [Concepts]

Probably the best part about sitting around a few months after Apple launches a new iPhone is watching all the crazy yet cool next generation iPhone concept designs pop up. In fact, these designs are usually so cool that even a big news network like Fox News got so excited that they thought the iPhone 5 concept designs were actually real features of the iPhone 5. This time around, the iPhone 6 concept design by Iskander Utebayev, a designer from Kazakhstan is by far the best concept we have seen for the iPhone 6.

Utebayev concept features an iPhone 5S body with a bezel-less screen that wraps around the sides of the device. With this, Apple would be able to expand the screen real estate of the phone without actually having to increase the dimensions of the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 concept design by Utebayev also features no home screen button and the iPhone 6 can be awoken by simply putting ones finger on the screen, and the phone will unlock by reading your fingerprint.

While Apple is mostly know for their form over function philosophy, Utebayev implementation of this philosophy is way too unrealistic to come to fruition anytime soon. While Samsung has been hard at work developing flexible screens and has already showed off a prototype similar to the iPhone 6 concept, just because the technology is there, does not mean that the technology will make the device functional.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 6 concept design by Iskander Utebayev?

Source: Behance, via BGR

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