Tablet Wars: Samsung Sees Bigger Percentile Increase Over Apple’s iPad

According to Onswipe, a touchscreen publishing company, Samsung saw a huge percentage based jump over the holiday period. Straight from the mouth of Onswipe’s Chief Marketing Officer Jason Baptiste, “Samsung clearly won Christmas when it comes to tablets.”

Taking a look at all Onswipe-optimized sites for the period of December 26th through the 29th and comparing that data to December 19th to the 22nd as a means of measuring post-Christmas data increases, Onswipe was able to deduce that Samsung came away with the highest jump in consumer interest compared to any other brand, including Apple’s iPad.

According to the data, the Samsung Galaxy tablets grew 50. 4 percent. Next up with the highest growth was the Nexus 7 by Google which grew 33.8 percent. The iPad came in third with 20.4 percent and was able to over come the Kindle Fire with just 0.9 percent.

In Apple’s defense, because Onswipe focused on percentages and not actual numbers, the data is a bit lopsided. Since Apple still has the largest tablet base for any one tablet vendor, percentage increase is a lot less significant than a company who has a smaller base. In short, it’s easier to sell 10 tablets, sell 5 more and say you saw a 50 percent increase compared to a company who sells 100 tablets and would need to sell 50 to make the same claim.

We do know that in Q3 of 2013, Apple sold (14.1m) nearly 5 million more tablets than Samsung did (9.6 m). Keeping those numbers in mind, we cannot completely discredit their holiday growth. After all, Android devices are well known for their statistical take over over the course of time.

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