Hate Mopping? There’s a Robot for That!

If you are anything like me, cleaning is the least favorite part of your lifestyle (if you do such a thing at all, that is). Out of all the scrubbing, sweeping and washing, I bet it wouldn’t be such a far off shot to say that you hate to mop even more than all that we just listed. Isn’t that reason enough to purchase this awesome $600 mop?

That’s right, the Scooba, which utilizes 450 brushes in order to scrub your floors at 600 rpm will only run you $600. That’s it. For $600 dollars, you get a mopping robot that comes with two easy to use settings:

1. 20 minutes for 150 square-foot spaces
2. 40 minutes for 300 square-foot spaces

The Scooba also speaks to you to let you know if it needs your assistance in moving around or moving an item that is blocking it out of its path. Once Scooba is finished, all you have to do is dump the water and place it back on its dock.


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