Check Out How Google’s Self Driving Car Drives in a City

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For a few months now, Google’s advances on self driving cars has grown quiet. In their latest update, Google test driver Priscilla takes the stage on exactly how Google has enabled their self driving car to be successful in areas that us humans often reach our climaxes of frustration and annoyance on congested city streets.

It’s important to note that, before now, Google has mostly tested the self driving car on either freeways or within their Google complex. As Google notes, “A mile of city driving is much more complex than a mile of freeway driving, with hundreds of different objects moving according to different rules of the road in a small area.”

In case you skipped the video, it illustrates how the self driving Google car adheres to constructions zones, signage and cones, railroad crossings, jay walking pedestrians as well as bikers.

While the driving car is still in testing only, the video gives strong reassurance in terms of safety satisfaction and drive-ability. Let’s hope that the idea of a self driving car catches on quickly and reaches mass production even faster.

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