Microsoft Giving Away $650 Under One Simple Condition

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Microsoft recently released the Surface Pro 3. Th Surface Pro 3 has been tooted by Microsoft executives as the tablet that can replace your laptop. As such, Microsoft has been hard at work in order to prove this theory by constantly pegging the Surface Pro 3 against the likes of the MacBook Air. What the guys in the marketing department over at Microsoft decide to do next can be looked at as simply amazing or the biggest act of desperation by any competitor in the tech market.

Since Microsoft thinks that the Surface Pro 3 will make you want to ditch your MacBook Air, Microsoft is now offering $650 dollars towards a Surface Pro 3 if you trade in your MacBook Air. The promotion started on June 20th and will carry on until July 31th.

If you own a MacBook Air and have been considering the Surface Pro 3, then this is just the deal you needed to help you make up your mind. If not, I doubt many users with MacBook Airs will see the need to even donate a few seconds to the thought. The reality here is that if you really wanted to sell your MacBok Air on places like eBay, you’d be able to fetch a few more hundreds of dollars on top of the $650 that Microsoft is offering.

The only customers I see truly benefiting from a trade in like this are those with the oldest MacBook Air, but even that’s a stretch. The assumption here is that Microsoft isn’t actually taking a loss of $650 and instead, CExchange LLC is paying $650 to Microsoft for every MacBook Air they are able to get for them. CExchange LLC will probably look to turn around and sell those MacBook Airs for a marginal profit.

The fine print on the buy-back program is that “To be eligible for trade-in, device must power on to be considered working. Water-damaged devices and devices with cracked screens are not considered working devices for purposes of this offer.”

Do you think that $650 is enough to justify trading in your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3?

Source: ZDNet

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