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Highlights from Goolge I/O 2014


If you missed Google’s I/O 2014 developer’s conference, you missed an opportunity to have a first hand look at what’s next for the leading operating system by usage around the world. The only options you have left to recap the amazing event in all of its glory is to watch the almost 2 hour long I/O video when Google puts it up, read a bunch of articles covering specific parts of the event or simply scroll below to check out our easy to read and digest overview of highlights from Google I/O 2014! Enjoy!


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[accordion title=”Android L Pre-View” state=”close” ]

  • Over 5000 new APIs
  • Material Design
    • Pixel depth changes shape in response to touch
    • Inspired from paper and ink
    • Elevation value for depth perspective
    • Pallet support library
    • App design unification Better animation
    • Web based and mobile based Style guidelines at Google.com/design
  • Feature Highlights
    • Enhanced Notifications: instant interactive notifications from the lock screen.
    • Double-tapping launches the app from the lock screen.
    • Calls no longer interrupt apps.
    • Personal Unlocking: location designation, Bluetooth watch will make your phone know if you need to unlock your phone.
  • Chrome for mobile
    • Embraces Material Design
    • Continues animation at 60FPS
    • Redesigned Recents (task manager): Chrome tabs are now listed in the task manager for easier navigation built on an API.
    • App Indexing: If websites have an app, Google searches will go to the app instead of the website.
    • Will come as an open API.
  • Performance
    • 2x performance with new ART performance system
    • No more application stutters 64 bit compatible
    • Android Extension Pack: set of components that make mobile as close to desktop based graphics
    • Project Volta: improves battery life.
    • Acts as a “battery historian”.
    • Keeps apps asleep when not in use to save power.
    • Can set apps to update on charge for example
    • Battery Saver built into Android L [/accordion]
    • [accordion title=”Android One” state=”close” ]

      • High quality affordable smartphones Stock Android, play auto installs and automatic updates
      • All software in Android One comes from Google
      • $100 high quality smartphone for developing countries


[accordion title=”Google Play Services” state=”close” ]

  • 93 percent have the latest version of Google Play
  • Automatic malware scans
  • Factory reset protection in case of theft
  • Centralized setting for managing privacy across all apps ad devices[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Android Wear” state=”close” ]

  • Supports square and circular screens
  • People check phones 125 times a day; Android Wear will limit that Any phone vibrations is sent to the watch and when raised, notifies.
  • Supports Material Design
  • Instant app and notification sync.
  • Quick SMS replies Quick do-not-disturb access
  • Music controls from watch
  • Automatically updated with phone app update
  • In app use in sync
  • Order LG G Watch 6/25/2014 Samsung Launching Gear Live Android Wear on 6/25/2014 Moto 360 available later this summer[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Android Auto” state=”close” ]

  • Open Automotive Alliance
  • Redesigned for automotive to make usage more safe
  • Focus on navigation and media
  • Completely voice enabled
  • Apps run based on how fast the phone is
  • Simplified, glace-able controls
  • Respond from steering wheel
  • Android Auto SDK
  • 40 new partners in Open Automotive Alliance
  • First cars to come by end of 2014[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Android TV” state=”close” ]

  • One SDK for all form factors
  • Search backed my knowledge graph
  • Supports Android Wear as remote
  • Supports Google Play games and play multi-player on any supported device
  • Can be used just like chrome cast
  • All newer high technological TVs from Sharp and Sony will run Android TV
  • developer.android.com/tv[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Chromecast” state=”close” ]

  • Outsells all major streaming products combined.
  • +40 percent more active users than any other streamer
  • Google Cast SDK for Android,Chrome and iOS
  • chromecast.com/apps
  • No need to be on same wifi network
  • Same room authentication
  • Backdrop: personalize feed for Ambient Feed from your Google+ albums, news, weather, arts, lifestyle.
  • “What’s on that chrome cast?” voice command tells you more about what’s being displayed through chromecast.
  • Backdrop rolls out later this summer
  • Mirroring from Android device to screen[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Chromebooks” state=”close” ]

  • Top ten laptops on Amazon are all Chromebooks
  • Android phone will automatically log you into your Chromebook
  • Call notifications show up on Chromebook as well as messages
  • Battery notifications from phone
  • Application sync; will run apps on your phone on Chromebook[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Other Cool Stuff” state=”close” ]

  • Over 100,000 people are watching Google I/O 2014 live on YouTube
  • Google Working Hard to Increase Women Participation rate in the technological ecosystem
  • 315 million industry smartphone shipments, 1 Billion active Android users in last 30 days, 20 billion text messages sent, 93 million selfless, check our phones over 100 billion times per day
  • Android accounts for 62 percent, up from 46 and 39 year on year from the last three years of shipments. Google uses this as an indicator for usage.
  • YouTube viewership on Android tablets are up 42 percent of all tablets compared to last year’s 28 percent.
  • 300 million users on mobile
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Slides
  • Native Office Editing
  • %67 of 100 start ups, %58 of Fortune 500 and %72 of the top 100 Universities have gone Google
  • Paid out 5 billion dollars to developers
  • Google gave out a cardboard(?), LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Motorola 360 when it is available.[/accordion]


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