Get A Self-Driving Car for Only $10,000 from Cruise Automation

[ad id=”1395″]It’s always cool to see how technology can changes even the most integrated concepts of our everyday life. Google has shown this to be particularly true with their implementation of the self-driving car that they have been working on. While Google is going through their rounds of testing, another company has come out the wood-works and has declared Google as their competitor.

A startup company by the name of Cruise Automation will be offering a sensor called RP-1 that can be attached to vehicles. Currently, Cruise Automation is only offering 50 units to be installed for $10,000 each in early 2015.

Comparing Cruise Automation to Google’s self-driving car, Cruise Automation’s RP-1 system is far from advanced. Initially, the self driving kit will only be able to work on highways while Google is working to make their self-driving cars able to drive automatically in all accounted road scenarios. RP-1 can be viewed as more of an advancement to the cruise control feature found on most cars.

The RP-1 will be able to accelerate and stop and remain only in the lane that you were in once you started the system. So it is very basic compared to Google’s offering, but not very basic when considering the current state of the market for cars that can drive automatically. Currently, only two car models are compatible with this: Audi’s A4 or S4.

During Cruise Automation staff testing, the drivers would typically go hands free anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 whole minutes. Kyle Vogt noted that “We need to be collecting data to make our system smart and reliable enough where they can drive without you paying attention,” after suggesting that, in its current state, drivers shouldn’t be too comfortable checking their emails or engaging in some hard core flappy bird games and we coudln’t agree anymore with his statement.

Source: Forbes, via BGR

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