Google Workshop Will Take Customization to a New Level

One annoyance that Android users may face when it comes customizable accessories is lack of available accessories. Since it would be more cost efficient for a third party to create an accessory for the iPhone than the Nexus 5, the latter will often go overlooked. We’ve seen manufacturers like, at the time, Google-owned Motorola tried to allow for customization of their products and was widely received. Google now is testing something similar but on a larger scale and Google Workshop seems to be the answer.

Google Workshop will feature two modes. The first mode will be called “Map Me” and will focus on creating a case and live wallpaper that showcases a particular point on the map. Right off the bat, it doesn’t sound like too much fun but when you consider the options to customize the look of the map with different colors and adding text, some uniqueness about Map Me starts to surface. The picture below allows for a better idea of what to expect.

Map Me Customization

Map Me Customization

The second mode will be called “Moments” and features the ability to “bring your phone to life with moments you love.” Moments allow for users to upload their photos (or any image) in order to create a case based on that design and put others into a live wallpaper.

Moments Customization

Moments Customization

At the time of this writing, there isn’t many details regarding price or availability. All we know so far is that Google is working on it.

Google Workshop aligns with some of the body language Google has been showing off this year. Google has been showing a growing focus in developing Android and their products into a mature ecosystem. While this mature will lead to a rift between Google services and competitors, it’s a maturing that Android users will embrace while those of you without Android will be left with a sour taste in your mouth.

Source: Android Police

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