Does Siri Mac Patent Mean Touchscreen for OS X?

Microsoft and the manufacturers that use their software have long dived into the world of touch screen laptops. While some manufacturers have been committed to touch screen interface even before Windows 8, the official change of direction to touch screens is one that we should all embrace.

Even though Apple is yet to create a laptop with a touch screen, they still manage to sell their products very well. As the saying goes, dont fix what aint broke. To tell you that I dont long for a Macbook that comes with a touch screen would be a to tell you a lie. But a new patent submitted by Apple may suggest that Apple is considering fixing something that is yet to break.

As Apple Insider reports, Apple filed in 2013 and published Thursday a 92-page patent application for an Intelligent digital assistant in a desktop environment and should be easily considered as the Siri for Mac.

How Does Siri for Mac Work?

From what we can tell so far, Siri for Mac will work just as Siri for iOS does: taking commands and attempting to satisfy them contextually. Siri for Mac will have a position on the dock and be ever waiting for commands regardless of where the user is in the operating system.

Heres an example of how Siri for Mac will work. While using the mouse, one can drag and drop files, folders and more onto the Siri doc icon and tell Siri that you would like them sorted in a particular way and compiled into one document.

Does this mean Macs are going touchscreen?

We long for it, but it doesnt seem as if this is the route Apple will be going down anytime soon. Like Microsoft, if Apple wanted to make their Macbooks touchscreen, Apple would have to do a reconstruction of OS X. Since Yosemite was recently announced, dont expect to see touchscreens grace Macbooks anytime soon.

A few of the sites reporting on the matter have led me to believe that the patent supports the thought of touchscreens on Macs, but after further research into the patent application, its more likely that Siri will only be available on OS X through Apples new feature, Continuity.

Continuity allows for the user to sync features of the iPhone or iPad with their Mac. For example, if your phone is ringing, you can have your Mac answer it. We expect Siri to work under a limited function like this as well.

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