Samsung Trolls iPhone Users With Low Batteries at Airports

Samsung places ads in airports that mock what iPhone users complain the most about: a terrible battery life.

If there’s such a thing as an advertising award, it’s Samsung that should win first place every single year. Back in July, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy S5 ad that referred to iPhone users as “Wall Huggers.”

Here’s a quote of the narration from the Samsung Wall Huggers ad video:

There they are. Clustered around power outlets, near the recycling bins, stained carpeting, and bathrooms. Tethered to the wall. Denied the freedom to enjoy even the most-basic things, like grabbing a drink, or sharing a laugh with your co-workers. Or sitting with someone you know. You’re stuck here until your battery says so.

The ad makes fun of what most iPhone users solely complain about; that the battery just isn’t enough. But Samsung didn’t stop there. They took it one step further than just a simple video ad.

Samsung has posted ads right by power outlets in airports that read:

“Samsung Galaxy S5 with Ultra Power Saving Mode. So you have the power to be anywhere, but here.”


It’s very likely that the “So you have the power to be anywhere but here” is a response to Apple’s previous ad, “You’re more powerful than you think.

So far, thanks to CNN, we know that Samsung will have these ads in place at John F. Kennedy International Airport and Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports. These ads may make their way into other airports as well.

Our Opinion

Samsung’s ads are always fascinating whether you agree with them or disagree with them. It gives you a glimpse into the mind of Samsung in order to determine what the company fears most, how Samsung intends to deal with that fear and just how desperate they are to remain competitive with the iPhone despite their current quarter which was one of their worst in recent history.

How Will Apple Respond to Samsung Ad?

Apple isn’t likely to spare advertising dollar in order to respond to Samsung. Apple will more than likely include a bigger battery in the iPhone 6 that’s still smaller than the one in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and then toot it’s battery life once it’s released.

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