Samsung Announces Note 4, Note Edge, Gear S and Gear VR

[ad id=”1682″]At IFA 2014, Samsung had an event called Samsung Unpacked 2014. During this event, Samsung announced four of their next major mobile devices. Samsung started off their show with a performance that utilized their very own Galaxy line. The drummer actually used nothing but a Galaxy device while the lead guitarist used his Galaxy device as a guitar pedal for switching back and forth between different tones and sounds. About half way through, an orchestra joined in for what we believe to be a very great introduction to a tech show unlike another we’ve seen before. Below is an overview of everything that Samsung thought was worth mentioning regarding their future Galaxy devices.


Samsung’s Reviews  Strategy

  • Samsung started off by talking about their previous releases and release dates
  • Samsung wants your smartphone to be more than a smartphone; they want it to be your wallet, house coach, personal T.V. and all that jazz
  • Promises to never slow down in the race of innovation
  • Announces Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Gear S and Samsung Gear VR

Galaxy Note 4

  • Samsung incorporated a new design language into the Galaxy Note
  • Uses the fastest LTE chip made so far
  • Design
    • There’s some continuity from the previous version.
    • Soft texture back
    • Screen is slightly curved and strengthened
    • Weights 176g and 8.5 mm thin
    • Coming in black, white, gold and pink
  • Display and Multitasking
    • 5.7 inch quad HD super AMOLED PLUS screen
    • Easier window split view
  • S-Pen
    • The difference between other large screens compared to Samsung’s offerings
    • Doubled the pressure sensitive (highest in the industry)
    • Responds more like an actual pen
    • Smart Select
      • Allows for quick sharing of information like videos and videos
      • Using Trip Adviser, he draped the picture with the S Pen to the edge of the phone and the save themselves on a little portion of the screen.
    • Using S-Pen as a mouse
      • Can be used to click and drag text, pictures and more.
      • Can copy multiple spots at once
  • Snap Note
    • By using snap notes to capture an image, you can edit it afterwards
  • Camera
    • Has a 16 MP with optical image stabilization and a front camera of 3.75
    • Front camera captures up to 60 percent more light
    • By putting your finger on the back camera, it will activate the front camera for selfies
    • Widening the front camera viewing angle from 70 degrees to 90.
    • Wide selfie mode allows for 120 degrees
  • Battery Life
    • Samsung adds fast charging that goes from 0-50% in 30 minutes-ish
    • Low power consumption that increases life by 7.5%
    • Adds Ultra power saving mode on the Galaxy Note 4
  • Will be available in October

Galaxy Note Edge

  • Samsung announced a phone with a screen that wraps around the edge. (gasps were heard from the crowed)
  • Considered a special edition of the Galaxy Note 4
  • Can be used as a separate screen entirely
  • Can be personalized
  • Powered by Yahoo
  • Notifications will make main screen happenings uninterrupted
  • Released SDK today

Galaxy Gear S

  • Curved watch screen that utilizes Tizen (no body really cares)
  • 3G connectivity
  • Curved Screen Display
  • Doesn’t need to be constantly paired with a phone (you can leave your phone at home)
  • The first time you set it up, you have to connect with phone
  • 2 inch curved super AMOLED display
  • Has a ful QWERTY key bored
  • Updates are presented on the clock face
  • Swiping right brings up notifications and swiping up shows the apps
  • Can set parking reminders vis GPS
  • Can make and receive calls direct on the phone
  • Has Bluetooth, WiFi and 3g connectivity
  • Over 1000 apps
  • Straps are customizable

Samsung Gear VR

  • Virtual headset.
  • Ultimate Viewing Experience  (UVE)
  • Powered by Oculus
  • 360 degree virtual reality
  • Galaxy Note 4 has to be placed in the VR headset
  • 90+ degree viewing angle

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