Xperia Z3 Series Can be Used as a TV for the PS4

[ad id=”1682″]There’s a lot of cool devices showing up at IFA 2014. Samsung just announced four new products that will hit shelves before the year is over. Not too long after Samsung’s announcements, Sony started dropping a few aces themselves. One of which being the ability to use either their newly announced Z3 product line as a portable TV to play your favorite PlayStation 4 games.

In order to use either the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact or Z3 Compact tablet as a portable screen for your PlayStation 4, you will have to pick up their mounting accessory that allows you to mount your Xperia Z3 device to the PlayStation 4’s controller.

By utilizing Sony’s remote play that allows users to also use devices like the PlayStation Portable as a screen for their PlayStation 4, users will be able to use their Xperia Z3 devices to play their PlayStation 4 games over WiFi while the PlayStation 4 does the heavy processing.

Currently, there isn’t much word on availability for the remote play or the mounting accessory, but Sony is making it clear that it wants to separate itself from the Android competition by making sure their smartphones and devices have the best compatibility with their flagship device, the PlayStation 4.

Sony could further improve this by allowing the PlayStation 4 controllers to connect to their Xperia devices through Bluetooth so that PlayStation 4 users can have the option to use a controller while playing their mobile games as well. We’ve seen similar mounting devices in the past, but the only served as an extension for mobile games. With Sony making the push to have their mounting tool be used as a way to play the PlayStation 4, having the controller serve as a multipurpose controller outside of just the PlayStation 4 will make the PS4 the better choice for people who can’t decided between the Xbox One and the PS4.

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