Windows 9 Preview Will Come in October

Although rumors indicate that Microsoft will be hosting a Windows 9 event on September 30th, that doesnt seem to be the date well be able to get our hands on a Windows 9 technical preview. Winsupersites Paul Thurrott believes that a decent amount of code for Windows 9 wont be made available until sometime in October.

So far, theres been quite a few leaks surrounding Windows 9. Here are a few:

Throwback Windows 9 Start Menu

Windows 9 Start Menu

Windows 9 Start Menu

Microsoft seems to be listening. The new startup window is a mix between the new interface Microsoft introduced into Windows 8 while bringing the retro start menu we all enjoyed back on Windows 7.

With the Windows 9 Start menu, youre able to pin items like desktop applications. This includes apps, folders and contacts. When you pin an item, it goes on the right side of the Start menu in the form of a tile. Similarly to Windows 8, you can size the tiles to your liking.

Note that the Store has not been changed from Windows 8.1 and probably wont be updated until a full Windows 9 launch is emanated.

Charms on Windows 9

It would seem that Microsoft is getting better at understanding what works for touch-based interactions and what works better when using a mouse. On Windows 9, users will not have access to the Charms interface unless they are using a touch-based system. Using a mouse to access Charms will cause nothing to happen.

Apps for Windows 9

Applications for Windows 9 will be the same apps from Windows 8.1. Older apps will be compatible, and new apps will have backwards compatibility. So theres no need to worry when it comes to Windows 9 apps.

When it comes to switching between apps, Microsoft has learned a few things from the mobile way of doing things. Microsoft has included a new Task view button on the taskbar. Using the taskbar, users will be able to group apps to their liking based on productivity, entertainment, software development or whatever it is you typically do on your computer.

Source: WinSuperSite, via TechCrunch

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