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Tim Cook: The iPhone 6 Plus Is Too Beautiful For Your Pocket

iPhone 6 Plus is Too Beautiful for Pocket

iPhone 6 Plus is Too Beautiful for Pocket

No more than a few days ago, Apple announced to the world that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was their most successful iPhone launch to date. Apple managed to sell 10 million of their latest iPhone duo. That’s 1 million more than the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C could handle just a year ago.

Sadly, Apple would only be able to celebrate their new iPhone record for a total of one day. The day after Apple’s record breaking announcement, complaints started to surface from various iPhone 6 Plus users that their device started bending while in their pockets for a prolonged time.

As iMore’s Derek Kessler pointed out, “The iPhone 5 and 5S also bend. I’ve got an iPhone 5 with a slight bend to it, though the cause and time of the curve aren’t [known].”

iPhone 6 Plus Bending

iPhone 6 Plus Bending

While we’d love to give credit to Kessler’s observation, the iPhone 5 and 5S bending was the result of iPhone owners putting their iPhones in their back pockets and sitting on them. The solution to this was simple: put your iPhone in your front pocket instead. However, the solution that worked for the 5 and 5S won’t work for the iPhone 6 Plus. That’s because users are reporting that the bending is occurring while the iPhone 6 Plus is in the front pocket for a prolonged period. After all, there’s a reason plastic is a better choice for smartphones.

An entire 24 hours went by before Apple’s CEO; Tim Cook released a statement regarding the whole #BendGate situation. Cook handled the situation in a fashion similar to how the late Steve Jobs handled antennagate saying:

Over the weekend, we had our biggest iPhone launch yet. Sadly, there are media outlets who target Apple because of our size and success. There have been claims that the popular iPhone 6 Plus is subjected to bending when in the front pocket for a long period. That’s because everyone is carrying their iPhones incorrectly. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is too beautiful to be left in your pocket. That’s where those other devices that don’t trade function for form belong. However, we do have some consolation for iPhone 6 Plus users. We will give everyone a holster so that everyone can see your beautiful iPhone.

Tim Cook then went on to end his open letter by stating the exact same words Steve Jobs said regarding the iPhone 4’s antenna problems stating that “This is life in the smartphone world—phones aren’t perfect, and it’s a challenge for the phone industry, and we are all doing the best that we can. But every phone has weak spots.”

In this case, the weak spot for the iPhone 6 Plus seems to be right along the volume controls.

While Tim Cook claimed that Bendgate is a challenge for the phone industry, the guys over at Unbox Therapy wanted to put Cook’s industry claim to the test by trying to bend the iPhone Plus and then comparing the results of an attempted bend on the Galaxy Note 3. You can watch both videos below.

It doesn’t seem to be an industry issue after all. At least, not as far as Samsung is concerned.

Please note: Parts of this article are satire. Any statements “made” by Tim Cook are not real. Apple is yet to respond to this issue or lack thereof at the time of posting. All other information outside of statements “made” by Tim Cook are factual.

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