Apple Uses Windows XP to Test Their Bendable iPhones

Apple Uses Windows XP to Test Their Bendable iPhones

Apple Uses Windows XP to Test Their Bendable iPhones

Apple is coming off of their best and worst week in the company’s recent history. Apple first announced that they sold 10 million iPhones on opening weekend. They went on to release a software fix for iOS 8 called iOS 8.0.1 that did more damage than good. Reports indicated soon after that Apple knew about the iCloud vulnerability that caused a ton of celebrity nude photos to leak on the internet. To top it all off, the iPhone 6 Plus is now the center of attention for its inability to bounce back when bent.

Apple is yet to respond to the iCloud accusation; Apple already started to release iOS 8.0.2 to combat their botched attempt at 8.0.1 but what has Apple done about the iPhone 6 bending issues?

We previously joked that Tim Cook believes the iPhone 6 Plus is too beautiful to be in your pockets. Like our joke, Tim Cook does believe that “iPhones are designed, engineered and manufactured to be both beautiful and sturdy? but “also perform rigorous tests throughout the entire development cycle including 3-point bending, pressure point cycling, sit, torsion, and user studies.? The official statement ended with Apple’s assertions that the “iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus meet or exceed all of [their] high-quality standards to endure every day, real life use.? They even went as far as letting everyone know that only nine people have complained about bent iPhone 6 Plus phones.

As a show of good faith, Apple invited select tech bloggers into their secret testing facility. In the facility, Apple showed off all of their testing equipment that are used to test the flexibility of their devices. Apple said that they used the same testing methods on 15,000 iPhone 6 and 15,000 iPhone 6 Plus.

Setting aside the number of ridiculously low complaints and whether or not Apple’s test actually reflect real world use (we’ll cover that in another story very soon), we wanted to point out something very un-Apple like here. After checking through a few of the photos courtesy of The Verge, we noticed that Apple is using a Microsoft Windows XP computer to administer the test.

It’s a little weird to see a company using a product they’ve tried so hard to put down over the years. While we know that Apple isn’t the only one to bash a competitor’s product and then turn right around and use that product, it sure is very rare that we see Apple do it, too.

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