Mac OS Gets 64-Bit Chrome with Chrome 39 Release

[ad name=”Test”]Mac users rejoice! With the latest update made to Chrome by Google, Google Chrome will now be able to take full advantage of your Mac’s hardware as Chrome is now offered as a 64-bit verity. If you’re not exactly sure why having a 64-bit version of Chrome is something to get excited over, we’ve already covered the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit when it comes to software. So if you’re unsure, make sure you check that out.

In addition to adding 64-bit support to Chrome for Mac OS, Chrome 39.0.2171.65 also has some emphasis on including new app and extension APIs, security updates and a ton of changes that improved stability and performance.

On the security end of it all, the update brought 42 security fixes. Throughout the process, any user who either pointed out the security flaw or bug or helped the Chrome team squash said bugs were rewarded with a total sum of money valuing in at $41,500.

Google offers rewards based on the quality of the find. For example, a low-quality report will generate $500 whereas a high-quality report will equal out to a $10,000 reward.The maximum reward is $15,000. If you’re interested in learning more and possibly making some money finding bugs on chrome, check out the Chrome Reward Program Rules page.

Here’s Google’s take on why it was important to focus more on a 64-bit version of Chrome:

64-bit Chrome has become faster as a result of having access to a superior instruction set, more registers, and a more efficient function calling convention. Improved opportunities for ASLR enhance this version’s security. Another major benefit of this change comes from the fact that most programs on a modern Mac are already 64-bit apps.

In cases where Chrome was the last remaining 32-bit app, there were launch-time and memory-footprint penalties as 32-bit copies of all of the system libraries needed to be loaded to support Chrome. Now that Chrome’s a 64-bit app too, we expect you’ll find that it launches more quickly and that overall system memory use decreases.

If you’re interested in checking out the full details of bug fixes and changes that was made to Chrome, you can click here and check it out for yourself.

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