Watch Bill Gates Drink Water made from Pee and Feces

Bill Gates Drinking Sewage Water

Bill Gates Drinking Sewage Water

[ad name=”Test”]I cannot make this stuff up. Bill Gates, the founder of everything that is Microsoft has been caught on camera drinking water made from our very own human waste. When this story first appeared on my news feed, I was met with pure curiosity with a chunk of disgust. After reading the story and watching the video, my curiosity has now peaked and my level of disgust has fallen.

You see, waste management is a big problem no mater what part of the earth you go to. In first world countries, the problems aren’t as prevalent, but they do exist. Mostly, in instances where companies are only concerned about profit, simply dumping their sewage – which can include our body waste – into rivers and bodies of water that eventually end up back in our water supply is the cheapest alternative.

However, thanks to JANICKI BIOENERGY’s Omniprocessor, there’s now a way to turn sewage waste into clean drinkable water, electricity and ash.

To sum it up in the most simple way possible, when someone buys this system, he or she will have to transport the waste to the system. That’s the only expense involved. From there, the Omniprocessor will take the waste and heat it up in order to separate the water from the contents in the form of water vapor. This creates drinkable water that can now be sold. From there, the dried leftovers becomes fuel for a fire that creates high pressure and high temperature steam that makes its way to a steam engine which generates electricity. The electricity is used to power the system and then sends the leftover electricity back to the grid and becomes profit. Finally, the ash that’s left when the burning is completed can be sold for over 30 different uses.

This method of handling waste is both good for the environment as well as making money. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be heavily adopted very quickly in various parts of the world. For more information, check out the YouTube video below of Bill Gates drinking poop water.

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