You Can Now Smoke Your Coffee Instead of Drinking It

[ad name=”Test”]Here’s an invention that we wish wasn’t invented. Thanks to the guys over a Eagle Energy, we can now do away with the tedious process of making coffee and just smoke caffeine vaporizers instead. If you’ve used a Blu disposable e-cigs or the Blackout X hash pens, you’ll find the Eagle Energy vapes to be very familiar with just one major difference; it’s loaded with caffeine instead of nicotine or THC.

The Eagle Energy pen measures in at five inches in length and is approximately a half-inch in diameter. One the inside, we have 3ml of liquid which has 0.08 percent caffeine per milliliter. This liquid passes through a small atomizer driven by a non-rechargeable lithium ion battery where it is converted into a vapor and inhaled.

If you’re looking to use this as a replacement to your nasty coffee drinking habits, you will need about 10-20 puffs to notice the and equivalent effect. Each pen advertises to be good for a solid 500 puffs before the batter goes out.

Eagle Energy is more akin to Red Bull than to coffee. It contains a mixture of caffeine (guarana extract), taurine and ginseng without the sugar and the calories.

If you’re looking for more information and a first hand experience with the product, just out Andrew Tarantola’s take over at Engadget.

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