Moto Droid Turbo Expected to Work with Google Project Fi

[ad name=”Test”]Lenovo owned Motorola has been at the forefront when it comes to redefining how great smartphones and be bought significantly cheaper than rival flagships yet maintain the same or better functionality. I myself am a proud owner of a Nexus 6 that’s joint made by Motorola and Google. The perks? To be first. I’ll be the first to get the next Android update and I was the first to get Google’s Project Fi.

If you’re unaware as to what Project Fi is, this is Google’s first shot at trying to become a carrier by utilizing both T-Mobile and Sprints network to deliver cheap smartphone plans to device that support their latest sim card technology. So far, only the Nexus 6 supports this technology. However, some FCC filings are suggesting that may very well change.

According to the filling at the FCC, it appears to sport a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, which is slightly bigger than the 5.2-inch current-gen Droid Turbo. Keeping in mind that the Droid Turbo is a Verizon exclusive, FCC filings show that the Droid Turbo will support the cellular bands that T-Mobile and Sprint use but excludes any Verizon bands.

What that says to me is that we will be seeing a version of the Droid Turbo being sold off contract by Google and Motorola. This is news I’m greatly ecstatic about since the main reason why I didn’t pick up the Droid Turbo was because it was a Verizon exclusive and I wasn’t ready to switch to the most expensive carrier in America. Nope.

So this is all good news for all the Android lovers out there who want to get both the Droid Turbo and be apart of Project Fi. Let’s hope for the best.

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