Can You Get the Moto 360 for Less Than $100?

[ad name=”Test”]More than a year after being announced, the Moto 360 is still the hottest Android smartwatch that one can own. Yes, there’s more luxurious looking smartwatches such as the LG Urbane, but there’s something about the Moto 360 that still captivates the Android hopeful. In fact, there’s even a large amount of people who are waiting for the Moto 360 to be compatible with the iPhone despite having the availability to buy the Apple Watch. Sadly, the latter doesn’t look very likely at this point and fingers are being pointed at Apple.

Nonetheless, the Moto 360 2 announcement is largely over due. There’s been leaks that indicate that the second version of the Moto 360 will be available in two sizes. The folks over at Motorola (which is owned my Lenovo) even accidentally leaked what we believe to be a render of the upcoming smartwatch (you can read more about that over at Phandroid).

With the anticipation of the Moto 360, prices have fallen far from it’s original price point of $250 down to $150 if you were to get it from If you’re looking to get the Moto 360 brand new, it’ll run you $150 regardless of where you buy it. If you’re looking to get the Moto 360 for less than $100, your options will start to vary.

First off, you’ll have to be okay with getting the Moto 360 used. Do to the nature of yearly tech releases, people are gearing up to get ride of their Moto 360s in anticipation of the Moto 360 2 being available. Ebay is a very useful tool to get a quick understanding of what the market currently demands for a used Moto 360.

If you’re looking to buy now instead of using the auction feature on Ebay, you’ll be looking to pay between $119.99 and $130.00. Buying a used device for just a few dollars less than the original price isn’t worth it in my opinion and we are still ways from getting underneath that $100 price point.

Taking a look over at the bidding options on Ebay, there’s one used Moto 360 for $60 and another for $90.00 which both end in roughly 6 hours. Chances are that as the time starts to dwindle down, the bids will drive the price above $100.

Can You Get the Moto 360 for Less Than $100?

Getting the Moto 360 for less than $100 is going to be very hard unless you have friends that might sell it to you for the low low. Alternatively, if you hold out for an official announcement from Motorola/Lenovo regarding the Moto 360 2, expect to see drastic price changes for a used Moto 360. However, we do not recommend buying a used Moto 360 at all. If you have the resources to buy the next version of the Moto 360, we believe that will be your best bet. IF not, wait a little longer to see if the market will produce a smartwatch that’s better than the Moto 360 for a price point that better fits your pockets.

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