Samsung Curved Edges Will Be Smartphone Design Standard to Copy

What I believed to be nothing more than another gimmick from Samsung back in 2013 has turned out to one of the most beautiful design applications I’ve seen from a smart phone in a very long time. Taking into consideration that I’ve never much liked Samsung as a smart phone company, it’s insane that I now find myself saying that Samsung officially makes the most beautiful smartphones I’ve ever seen and yes, that includes the iPhone line as well.

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round

The most notable use of curved displays comes from the Galaxy Note Edge which debuted back in 2014. However, the first smart phone to use a curved display was the Samsung Galaxy Round. The Galaxy Round first showed its ugly head back in 2013. In just three years, Samsung took what was consider a very gimmicky physical feature and crafted it into something beautiful that the likes of Apple and Xiaomi (the Apple of China) intend to implement their design.

While it’s still a rumor that comes from someone who is “familiar with the source” (yeah, we know how that goes), Apple is expected to launch three iPhone models in 2017. According to the source:

“There will be a 4.7-inch model, another that will be 5.5-inches and a premium handset that will be either 5.5-inches or larger equipped with a screen bent on the two sides”

In order for a screen to curve in ways similar to the Galaxy Note 7 or the Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, the phone would have to use an OLED screen. Apple uses LCD screens. However, if you factor in a separate report that suggest Apple has a secret OLED lab in Taiwan, it all starts to sound very reasonable.

As for Xiaomi, we know they are coming out with a curved display similar to the Galaxy series because there has been a leak of what we believe to be the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. As with most things from China, it seems to be a poor imitation and improper implementation of the galaxy line. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that Samsung will be the smartphone manufacture to copy for the next few rounds when it comes to physical features for smartphones.

What interest me most is to see how Apple will implement their curved screens. Some reports suggest that Samsung will be the one supplying the screens to Apple. If that’s the case, it’ll be good business for Samsung who already makes money from Apple by selling different hardware components for the iPhone. If that’s the case, I would only expect an implementation that’s “innovative”, “new” and “fresh” to Apple fans yet just another copy cat of the Galaxy line.

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